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Jan 28, 2013 3:00am PST
of presidency we're dealing with right now. >> paul ryan was referring to former president bill clinton. as for hillary, her favorability rating is 67%, compared to vice president joe biden, the other potential democrat candidate. his favorability rating at 48%. >>> immigration reform is getting attention this week in a bipartisan group of senators is ready to unveil its new plan. the so-called group of eight unveiled today include the pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants now in the united states. the lawmakers also want enhanced border security. the president's plan is introduced tomorrow. >>> undocumented immigrants can now apply for a driver's license in illinois. governor pat quinn signed the new law into effect yesterday. in order to get a license, undocumented immigrants would have to take a driving test and carry car insurance. illinois is the fourth and most populous state to issue licenses to the illegal immigrants. and not the only state because there's illinois, new mexico, washington state and in utah, you can get a driver's permit. >> that's interestin
Jan 21, 2013 2:05am EST
. but the falcons were just as bad in this game in the second half. an interception for matt ryan. a fumble in this game for matt ryan. a bad penalty, which enabled the 49er drive to continue. and ultimately give the 49ers the lead. >> baltimore and the patriots. it was a great game. >> i tell you what happens here, the ravens get off to a slow start, the patriots run 49 plays. they run nearly 22 or 23 more plays than the ravens in the first half. they have the ball for five minutes longer than the ravens in the first half. yet they're only up 13-7 at halftime. poor clock management towards the first half hurt them. but only up 13-7. that had to feel like a victory for the ravens. in the second half, it looked like a different football team. we talk about tom brady, but joe flacco has outplayed him two years in a row. >> brother against brother, and ray lewis, his final game. >> what a way to end his career for ray lewis. and then harbaugh versus harbaugh, the two brothers square off. >> gut check, super bowl xlvii, what is your gut, my friend? >> i like the ravens. i think it's joe
Jan 29, 2013 1:40am PST
and scout leaders. ryan wanted to be an eagle scout, but after earning the 21 merit badges. he was denied. his father said the change is overdo. >> the short answer is, it's about time. one of the points of the scout law is you have to be honest and trustworthy. and these kids have not been allowed to do that. >> reporter: boy scouts are criticized for firing a lesbian mom who became a den leader. so her son could become a cub scout. >> i'm not a distraction. we're moms and we're americans. >> reporter: the proposal under consideration would give different religious and civic groups that sponsor scout group the authority whether to continue the ban or open their membership to gays. when it comes to having gays as scout leaders, there's a wide gap of opinion. among americans under age 30, 60% say they should be allowed. but only 39% of those over 50 agree. over the years, the boy scouts lost sponsorship of public schools and corporations discrimination of any kind. some say it will strengthen scouting, others strongly disagree. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> there is an import
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)